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Andrew Payment

I am experienced, determined and unlike many programmers I am not biased and don't believe one language or concept is the right one. I believe the best programmers, like companies, are the ones that embrace change and are lifelong learners. Thanks for your time and I hope I hear from you soon.


I work tirelessly towards my goals. By 18, I had co-authored and published my first book. Between 2010 and 2016, I managed a top performing location in the country for Verizon while attending school full-time to work towards my real passion of software development.


I obtained certifications in web mastery and network security in 2006. I won statewide network security contests, but wasn't sure that's where I wanted to be. After taking a hiatus from school for a couple years while I published my book and gained experience in the workd world, I finished my BS in Computer and Information Systems in March of 2016 from DeVry University.


I believe a team can only be as strong as its weakest link. In my opinion, good ideas circumvent title and should be embraced. Especially, in terms of system design and analysis. The strongest programs and tech startups are those who embrace transparency.


I am highly competitive and want to win at everything I do. I have lead a top performing sales team for Verizon for six years while simultaneously advancing my knowledge in software development. By day I am a leader in a multi-billion dollar organization, but my real passion is in development.


With 8 years of experience working for one of the Nation's most advanced companies and leaders in the wireless industry, I have gained invaluable amounts of knowledge around changing technology and the culture needed to succeed. I am currently contracting for a sales company in the Midwest, writing OOP commission software for them by myself.

Why me?

I am extremely driven and know both sides of the business. I know customer service, sales and how to wade through the bureaucracy of a large corporation, but I also possess the ability to translate those channels' needs into systems and tools that meet users' needs and desires from a simple, elegant working model.

You have read my paper resume with traditional work experiences and you have seen some of my philosophies. You're probably wondering what makes me a potential candidate and what languages I know. Well, here are some of those languages and concepts I enjoy utilizing when designing solutions. As I said before, I don't like to restrict myself to knowing a list of languages because I believe that the best way to design solutions is through identifying the problem and then researching the solutions and using the languages that best fit that solution.

Below you'll see my confidence level of my own knowledge of each language or concept. As well as, my spin on each and how it has impacted my life.


As the original building block to most developers, this markup language is where I started. I learned HTML in middle school in my free time and it was the gateway to my passion for software developing.


Like Batman needs Robin, HTML needs a sidekick as well. However, CSS is like a Robin with super powers. CSS was obviously the next utility I taught myself well before I made it to high school. CSS3 is nothing short of amazing with its ability to integrate with HTML5 and create layouts and designs that make Adobe's Flash look obselete.


I use C# daily. It is the server-side language that many organizations use and it extremely powerful. I use many it to power the MVC application that supports my current organization through leveraging injection dependency, overloaded methods, strongly typed variables and handling interactions from the end user and the database.


JavaScript is one of my favorite elusive programming languages around. As one of the world's most popular programming languages, every programmer should know ECMAScript (a little naming humor). I can't say I'm the best there is with JavaScript, but I can tell you + was almost like a bad joke (overloading the addition symbol, really!?). JavaScript is an essential, and it is integral to some of the best things that happen on the Internet nowadays, like this website!


Right now, I have quite the love affair with PHP, because I feel like I can align myself with the programming language pretty well. Both PHP and I started our tech careers off in a hurry, but we didn't quite know the direction in which we were heading. Ultimately, PHP was frowned upon because of programmers inability to organization their thoughts and programs with it well. However, PHP is one of the most powerful web languages around, with the ability to be used in object-oriented web applications and therefore has been widely adopted and is quickly taking the world by storm. Some of the Internet's biggest competitors use PHP for their entire web application like Facebook and Twitter! Actually, if you take a deeper dive into this small site, you'll find that it is written in PHP and most of the actual logic is done server side and protected from your prying eyes!


A cross-platform JavaScript library which just so happens to be the most popular in the world. Open-source and free, it has quickly taken the Internet's interest and is used for client-side scripting of HTML and design. Again, you'll find some JQuery within this website, like some of the elegant transitions I have implemented.


Who doesn't like a SQL database? To some an addiction and to others a nightmare. I am blessed with some SQL Database Administrators who have help me hone my skills over the past couple years. I can confidently say that I enjoy the powerful utility of SQL Server and even MySql. Although it isn't my first love, it is definitely necessary!


Single-handedly, one of my favorite things that I have come across in my own free time learning programming languages. That commission web application I was telling you about? Written in PHP in Laravel's framework. This resume was also written within Laravel. I think the author has done a phenomenal job of bringing the structural aspects of a truly object-oriented programming language and the power of PHP and the Internet and wrapped it within a framework that gives users the ability to manage dependencies and unleash the true power of object-oriented programming and web design.


The newest language I'm trying to learn. I think is imperative that a good developer continues to shape and sharpen his or her skills and continues to build their wealth of knowledge. I look forward to being more fluent in Swift and being able to craft and build my own iOS applications and potentially even publish some on Apple's App Store!

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